Free Fun for the Family: Howell Farm

If you want a nice getaway then consider a visit to the world’s finest casino, Borgata, located in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Borgata is just not a casino, but it is also a 2,000 room, stylish hotel and spa. You can check-in to one of the many classic Italian design hotel rooms, and then you can go have a nice dinner. There are twelve great restaurants to eat at, and each one has its own unique menu, tv packages, as well as live entertainment, such as (more…)

Taking in the New Jersey Coast

Most of you Directv/MTV junkies know what the Jersey Shore is, but few of you REALLY know what it is. The strip of coastline known as the Jersey Shore has enticed vacationers to explore the sand and surf for decades. In the fall of 2012 Superstorm Sandy rearranged much of the coast. New Jersey, with the help of the federal government, is rebounding. The Jersey Shore is open and rebounding. Most boardwalks have been rebuilt, sand has been distributed, and business have reopened. There is still work to be done but the road to recovery means big bargains will lure tourists. Traveling to New Jersey to spend time on the seaside is something you and your family will treasure.

Coastal Discovery Awaits

From the Cape May in the South to Sandy Hook in the north, New Jersey’s shoreline offers you long stretches of sand complimented by numerous attractions. The Cape May Lighthouse area includes marshes and dunes ready for exploration. The Cape May County Zoo surprises with its variety and atmosphere. North along the coast you will find bays, beaches, lighthouses, preserved natural areas like Island Beach State Park, and the New Jersey boardwalk culture. More than 100 rides are ready for fun at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson. Visit the Wildwoods for five miles of beach and four towns full of interesting diversions.

Enjoy the Breathtaking views at Stokes State Forest

Stokes State Forest is a New Jersey gem. The park is known for its lush forests and the spectacular views of the surrounding area that are available.

Stokes State Forest was created in 1907. The then governor of New Jersey donated 500 acres on Kittantinny Mountain for the forest, and the state government bought additional acreage. Currently, the state forest has an area of approximately 16,000 acres. During the time of the Great Depression, the CCC worked in the forest creating many of the hiking trails that are still in (more…)

Green Flag: Become a Racecar Driver for a Day!

Start your engines when you visit New Jersey! You can be a race car driver for a day when you go to one of the race tracks in the state. Pocono Raceway lets you take a simulated stock car out on the track to see what it is like to drive at high speeds. The cars have 600 horse power, and they are designed to look like the cars that Sprint drivers are in each week. You can even wear (more…)

Experience the Diversity of the Sea at Capitan Mike’s Marina

If you are vacationing on the coast of New Jersey, you will want to visit Captain Mike’s Marina. You can truly enjoy the beauty that Tuckerton has to offer including the salt marshes, fantastic scenery, the abundance of birds and wildlife, as well as the diversity of the sea.

If you are interested in a boat rental you will find it at the marina. There are also two concrete launching ramps. There are a variety of boats to choose from including a 16 to 19 Carolina skiff along with 18 and 24 foot pontoons. The marina also (more…)

Grab Your Sunscreen and Head for Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach in New Jersey is a family oriented vacation destination with everything you need to have fun. Take a sail boat out for a tour, or rent a paddle boat investigating the surroundings or relax on the sandy beach enjoying the views. No matter what you choose to do, Sunset Beach has it all.

Pure quartz crystals or the Cape May Diamonds are beautiful stones that the Indians believed possessed supernatural powers. Sunset Beach is in the (more…)

Relax and Shop at the Dutch Neck Village

There’s so much that you can do at the Duck Neck Village that is loacted on the New Jersey coast. You can wander along many brick paths and unusual, but unique shops. The gardens are wonderfully landscaped and gardened. It is definitely a site to see. Some of the shops consist of The Country Living Museum, which displays past life in Cumberland County. You will be able to learn so much of this history that lies within the shops. They are free and open every single day of the year. (more…)

Make Your Splash at Sahara Sam’s Indoor Water Park

Sahara Sam’s Indoor Water Park in West Berlin, NJ is a great choice for all ages, toddlers to adults. It is New Jersey’s largest indoor water park at 58,000 square feet. It includes a 3,000 square foot arcade with no admission fee. There is a full-service cafe for snacks and drinks. No matter what your interest you can find something at Sahara Sam’s.

A new feature to the water park are cabanas you can rent for an additional fee.

SAMAZON Ropes Adventure is one of the features (more…)

Our Picks: Jersey Beach Towns

There are a lot of great things to see and do on the Jersey coast but the real question is where? We-ve put together a list of great Jersey beach towns for you so all you have to worry about is finding the right rental house with the best pool, satellite and plenty of parking.
Ocean Grove: Far from the loud, rowdy scene you usually see portraying the Jersey shore, Ocean (more…)

Become Royalty: Experience the Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

There is nothing quite like experiencing a Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament. A Medieval Times Dinner can offer the perfect setting for a first date, or a fun evening for a group of friends.

At a Medieval Times Dinner, one will be served very large portions of food. After all, royalty enjoyed very large feasts during the Medieval times. So too, guests at Medieval Times Dinner restaurants will enjoy this same type of feast. A typical feast includes chicken, mashed potatoes, beer, and a vegetable side dish of some sort.

Eating dinner, people will be surprised (more…)