Experience Top-Notch Adventure by Tubing the Delaware River

One of the fun things to do in New Jersey is to go tubing down the Delaware River. Those visiting in New Jersey, as well as those who have just moved to the state or have lived here for some time can spend some time on the river. Tubing, kayaking, canoeing and rafting in this natural setting gives people time with their family and friends. This historic river that Washington miraculously crossed with his troops winds its way through the countryside today, just as it always has done, on its way to the Atlantic Ocean. Adventure, smiles and sunshine meet on the river.

People can choose from a few small New Jersey towns that offer tubing and floating down the Delaware. Then, they can choose two or four hour trips. They float leisurely down and then wait at the pick-up point. Busses and vans ferry them back to where they started. The river is calm so even children can float with adults keeping close.

An escapade, a way to discover the state, floating along gives people time to appreciate the scenery and to take photos of water, land and wildlife with their waterproof camera. The Delaware River is truly amazing.

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