Free Fun for the Family: Howell Farm

Howell Farm, located in Lambertville, New Jersey, is a wonderful place for your family to spend the day. With free admission and parking, you can have a fun day with your loved ones without spending a fortune. You can even bring a picnic lunch to avoid paying for food.

The farm is 130 acres and is used to show visitors what farm life was like back in 1900. Crops, livestock, tools, and farming techniques are similar to what would have been considered normal around that time. Depending on what time of year you and your family decide to go, events could range from sugar tree tapping in early February to a summer barn dance in July. If you have children between 6 and 12 years old, you can sign them up for a program that teaches kids about farm chores. The program runs on Saturdays and lasts six or seven weeks.

Whether you want to spend the day at Howell farm with your family or sign your children up for the farming program, it’s a great way to learn about American history. While most people today work for employers, the family farm used to be a normal way of life.

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