Celebrate and Educate at The New Jersey Children’s Museum

Let-s face it; traveling with kids is not always a picnic. Kids constantly have to be entertained. But how do you keep coming up with new ideas to make sure your children are satisfied? If you-re traveling through the northeast the answer is in Paramus, NJ at The New Jersey Children-s Museum.
Children are constantly being told not to touch things when your family is out somewhere. The New Jersey Children-s Museum is a welcomed change. Not only are children allowed to touch everything they see, but they can learn a few things in the process. The museum is divided into thirty rooms, each targeted towards specific age groups. Designed for children aged 1 to 8, there are so many things to do your children won-t know where to start. Kids can climb on a real helicopter or fire truck, use a real flight simulator, pretend to be in the Wild West, visit a medieval castle with costumes and a 6-foot tall talking knight or even pretend to be on TV as a news person or weather person. Kids tend to have very busy hands and wonderful imaginations. Both can be put to work in the architecture and construction center. There is an interactive animal display where kids can learn everything they want to know about different animals. A hospital where they can learn all about the human body and even a garage where the kids may just learn to fix the car!
For the adults who can-t keep up with their exploring children, there is plenty of comfortable seating to take a rest. If you live in the area, the possibilities for fun are even greater. The New Jersey Children-s Museum welcomes day care groups, school groups and even birthday parties! Your kids will find something new with every visit!

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